~* About My Biscotti *~

My biscotti are made in my own home kitchen. If you have never had homemade biscotti, you are missing a real treat! Unlike the commercial ones that are hard as a . . .
. . . these are crispy but don't threaten to break your teeth off!

They are still substantial enough to be dunked in milk, tea, coffee, espresso, or wine without the entire end of the cookie falling off and becoming sludge in the bottom of your cup or glass. The savory biscotti are great dipped in soups!

I use the best ingredients and put nothing into your biscotti that I would not feed myself, family, or friends. As a matter of fact family, friends, and I are often taste testers and quality reviewers to ensure that the cookies I send out are indeed of the highest quality and taste. I never use any preservatives or yukky stuff like that! :P Still, they will keep for 4-6 weeks in an airtight container. At least, I think....they never seem to last that long for anybody. LOL

Your biscotti are guaranteed to be handmade from scratch and cut from an actual log of biscotti dough, not made in a preformed biscotti pan. Not that there's anything wrong with those pans - they actually save time and are what I consider an interesting kitchen gadget - but I just prefer the original and authentic process of baking, cooling, cutting, and cooking a second time.

Please note that my kitchen is a home one, not a commerical one. It is smoke-free, but we use eggs, nuts, wheat and wheat products, and/or dairy products on a daily basis. If you have food allergies, please note that you may want to search elsewhere for treats that do not pose a risk to you.