~* Sweet Biscotti *~

Sweet Flavors

Dried apricots with a kick of ginger and the natural warm sweetness of cardamom - light and fresh!

Two classic complimentary flavors - lemon-flavored dough with dried blueberries

Chocolate-Cherry with Almonds
Chocolate dough made with Pernigotti Italian cocoa powder, dried cherries, and almonds. Espresso powder gives this a richness that is to die for!
Chocolate ChipMilk chocolate chips in a toll-house dough

Luscious cinnamon dough studded with semi-sweet chocolate chips - the baker's favorite!

Dried cranberries and orange peel in a spice-laden dough (seasonal)

Rich but light honey dough with toasted almonds

Key Lime Pie
Graham crackers, limes, and white chocolate - the perfect summertime treat!

Just like a crispy version of the bread - mmmm....

Orange zest, Grand Marnier, and dark chocolate chunks - divine!

Pistachios and cranberries with white chocolate chunks

A dreamy combination of two earthy but light and aromatic herbs

Savory Flavors

Extra-sharp cheddar cheese and bits of bacon - mmm....

Parmesan-Black Pepper
Parmigianno-Reggiano and cracked black peppercorns; these are perfect with soup, a salad, or a nice glass of wine.

Parmesan with Garlic and Herbs
These are packed with flavor and are great for those who aren't into the bite of peppercorn, or who may have a sensitivity.  I actually made these first for a friend who is allergic to peppercorn.